4 Health Hazards Associated With oil and gas drilling

Oil and gas drilling is one of the toughest profession to take up. There are lots of risks associated with this work. Here are the major health hazards related to this job.

Long hours of work

Workers need to work on a 12-hour shift in a very uncomfortable environment. The weather in the middle of the sea can be unpredictable and no matter what the condition is you will need to keep on working. Also, they have to stay 7 to 14 days in the rig, away from the shore. The work can be very strenuous.

Using heavy equipment

Workers often need to lift heavy equipment in these drilling operations. The equipment may fall if mishandled and cause major accidents.

Fires and explosions

Explosions may occur suddenly and the consequence can be dangerous. If the fire or explosion is a major one then many people may die as there is hardly anything that can be done offshore to prevent such explosions.

Working with chemicals

Workers may have to handle hazardous chemicals which include drilling fluids, silica, diesel exhaust hydrogen sulfide, mercury, etc.Long term exposure to these chemicals may pose health risks. There must be proper guidance to handle these chemicals.

Workers must wear appropriate gears like a helmet, gloves, goggles, etc. while doing the drilling works. They should follow all the safety procedures to work to minimize the levels of these health hazards.